Preliminary Study of Relations between Circumscribed Interests and Emotional Experience on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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  • 自閉スペクトラム症児における限局化した興味と 情動経験との関連についての予備的検討
  • 自閉スペクトラム症児における限局化した興味と情動経験との関連についての予備的検討 : 画像刺激に対する主観的評価を用いた検討
  • ジヘイスペクトラムショウジ ニ オケル ゲンキョクカ シタ キョウミ ト ジョウドウ ケイケン ト ノ カンレン ニ ツイテ ノ ヨビテキ ケントウ : ガゾウ シゲキ ニ タイスル シュカンテキ ヒョウカ オ モチイタ ケントウ
  • Examination Using Subjective Estimation to Visual Stimulus
  • —画像刺激に対する主観的評価を用いた検討—

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<p>The relationship between circumscribed interests (CI) in ASD, related emotional experiences and ASD tendency has not been fully studied. In this study, 22 junior and senior high school students (10 children with ASD, 12 TD children) participated in the experiment. Three image conditions, [1] Social condition including facial expressions of various people, [2] Non-social condition related to CI such as vehicles and machinery, [3] Non-social condition not related to CI such as furniture and tableware were set , and participants subjectively provided valence ratings, arousal ratings. Also, reaction time at the time of judgment were measured. As a result, there were no differences between groups in any of the indicators. However, there were significant correlation between the SCQ total score and valence ratings in one image condition, the SCQ total score and arousal ratings in all image conditions, Restricted, Repetitive, and Stereotyped Patterns of Behavior and RT in some image conditions. The above suggests that the ASD tendency may be related to the evocation of pleasant emotions, the amount of emotions, and the ability to quickly judge their emotions.</p>



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