Social deployment of Virtual Light Touch system StA<sup>2</sup>BLE for standing-function evaluation

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  • 仮想ライトタッチによる立位機能評価システムStA<sup>2</sup>BLEの社会実装
  • -Activities for industrialization by improving values in terms of usability, cost and market value-
  • ―事業化に向けた使用性・コスト・市場価値向上のための取り組み―


<p>The existing proposal of falling risk evaluation system, a.k.a. StA2BLE, for the national unprecedented ageing society problem, is research domain. So, the keys of industrialization such as producibility, cost and usability, e.g. professional skillset required to operate, are less considered and consequentially difficult to be adapted by the society. Furthermore, since standing function factors can be identified by the system, so personal effective training program, which could bring huge value to the market, can be automatically generated based on the calculated factors. This paper is to discuss and offer social deployment strategy of the StA2BLE in order to get rid of the barriers.</p>



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