Presenting Walking Route for VR Zombie


<p>The aim of this study is to calculate optimal walking routes in real space for users partaking in immersive virtual reality (VR) games without compromising their immersion. To this end, we propose a navigation system to automatically determine the route to be taken by a VR user to avoid collisions with surrounding obstacles. The proposed method is evaluated by simulating a real environment. It is verified to be capable of calculating and displaying walking routes to safely guide users to their destinations without compromising their VR immersion. In addition, while walking in real space while experiencing VR content, users can choose between 6-DoF (six degrees of freedom) and 3-DoF (three degrees of freedom). However, we expect users to prefer 3-DoF conditions, as they tend to walk longer while using VR content. In dynamic situations, when two pedestrians are added to a designated computer-generated real environment, it is necessary to calculate the walking route using moving body prediction and display the moving body in virtual space to preserve immersion.</p>


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