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Effort of Supporting Elementary School Computer Programming Education by Seniors and Students

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  • シニアと学生による小学校プログラミング教育支援の取り組み


The computer programming education at elementary schools is implemented in Japan from 2020. However, there is not enough human resource for it. As society becomes more IT-oriented, retirees with computer programming experience and seniors who are eager to learn programming are increasing in the local community. We have been working on finding such people and supporting computer programming education at local elementary schools. Then seniors with support by students had programming classes at four local elementary schools. This paper introduces the outline of this initiative. Then we analyze how the activity was accepted by children and teachers. Also we describe how the seniors’ intellectual needs and willingness to contribute to the local society was fulfilled, and how it affected for seniors and students each other.


  • Journal of JSEE

    Journal of JSEE 69 (2), 2_92-2_97, 2021

    Japanese Society for Engineering Education


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