Reconsideration on “SOUGA” Education at Nagatoro School in Yamagata Prefecture

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  • 山形県長瀞校における「想画教育」の再考
  • 山形県長瀞校における「想画教育」の再考 : 現在の長瀞小学校教育への継承
  • ヤマガタケン ナガトロコウ ニ オケル 「 ソウガ キョウイク 」 ノ サイコウ : ゲンザイ ノ ナガトロ ショウガッコウ キョウイク エ ノ ケイショウ
  • —Succession to Current Nagatoro Elementary School Education—
  • ―現在の長瀞小学校教育への継承―

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<p>In the early Showa Era, the JIYUGA art educational movement went down-hill, and some schools in the local area did not offer RINGA education, but rather SOUGA education that turned their eyes around the students. Reconsidering the SOUGA education at Yamagata prefectural Nagatoro School, one of the three major schools, as well as examining the background of the education being inherited and at the current Nagatoro Elementary School, and its educational significance and issues. The Nagatoro School’s SOUGA education was a cross-disciplinary education beyond the scope of one subject, with the educational philosophy of paying attention to the family and life surrounding children. This was inherited by the current education at Nagatoro Elementary School, and the children became aware of nature and life and expressed as HAIKU, SHOSHA, and SOUGA through multiple subjects. It became a fulfilling educational activity recognized by local people.</p>


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