Changes in One Non-native Japanese Teacher’s Beliefs and Their Growth as a Teacher


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  • 非母語話者日本語教師のビリーフの変化と成長過程
  • 非母語話者日本語教師のビリーフの変化と成長過程 : 縦断的インタビュー調査の結果から
  • ヒボゴワシャ ニホンゴ キョウシ ノ ビリーフ ノ ヘンカ ト セイチョウ カテイ : ジュウダンテキ インタビュー チョウサ ノ ケッカ カラ
  • From the Results of the Longitudinal Interview Survey
  • ――縦断的インタビュー調査の結果から――

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<p>Based on the results of an interview survey conducted five times over five years and ten months for one nonnative speaking Japanese teacher (teacher A), the present study examined and analyzed their change in beliefs and their process of growth as a teacher. The speech protocol of Teacher A was analyzed with a modified form of the Grounded Theory Approach. It turns out that teacher A’s beliefs transformed in various ways. The transformation process involved teacher training and meeting attendance in Japan, collaborative work with native and non-native speaking Japanese teachers in their home country, and introduction of new educational concepts and textbooks. In addition, changes in roles from learner to educator, and then from educator to teacher training coordinator also played a part. In particular, the transformation of their beliefs regarding the role of teachers and educational goals is clear, and encompassed not only practical aspects, but their perspective and way of thinking in general. These results show a process of change in one teacher's beliefs, and also part of the growth process of non-native speaking teachers.</p>



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