Fabrication of Metal Matrix Composite Containing Manganese Nitride Showing Giant Negative Thermal Expansion by Compressive Torsion Processing

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<p>Antiperovskite manganese nitride Mn3.1Zn0.5Sn0.4N was composited with Al by compressive torsion processing (CTP). This class of nitrides is anticipated for use as a thermal-expansion compensator because of giant negative thermal expansion (NTE). It is difficult to form a composite with molten metal that causes a chemical reaction. To date, only limited success has been achieved. Composites formed by CTP at 573 K exhibit lower thermal expansion and electrical resistivity than those produced by electric-current sintering. That achievement is attributable to suppressed chemical erosion of the filler by treatment at a lower temperature while the strong mechanical energy strengthens the interface between the filler and the matrix and reduces pores in the material. Compressive torsion processing is a promising method for forming metal matrix composites containing giant NTE fillers.</p>



    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 62 (5), 590-595, 2021-05-01

    The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials

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