A Synthesis Method Based on Multi-Stage Optimization for Power-Efficient Integrated Optical Logic Circuits


<p>Optical logic circuits based on integrated nanophotonics attract significant interest due to their ultra-high-speed operation. However, the power dissipation of conventional optical logic circuits is exponential to the number of inputs of target logic functions. This paper proposes a synthesis method reducing power dissipation to a polynomial order of the number of inputs while exploiting the high-speed nature. Our method divides the target logic function into multiple sub-functions with Optical-to-Electrical (OE) converters. Each sub-function has a smaller number of inputs than that of the original function, which enables to exponentially reduce the power dissipated by an optical logic circuit representing the sub-function. The proposed synthesis method can mitigate the OE converter delay overhead by parallelizing sub-functions. We apply the proposed synthesis method to the ISCAS'85 benchmark circuits. The power consumption of the conventional circuits based on the Binary Decision Diagram (BDD) is at least three orders of magnitude larger than that of the optical logic circuits synthesized by the proposed method. The proposed method reduces the power consumption to about 100 mW. The delay of almost all the circuits synthesized by the proposed method is kept less than four times the delay of the conventional BDD-based circuit.</p>



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