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Given the patients quit smoking support in psychiatry

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  • 精神科における禁煙支援
  • -Verification of the development and effectiveness of patients quit smoking support evaluation-item scale -
  • ―禁煙支援評価項目尺度の開発と有効性の検証ー


Abstract<br> Objectives: To improve the ability of healthcare professionals in the psychiatry department to help patients quit smoking, thereby promoting abstention from smoking in psychiatric patients, we developed a support evaluation-item scale and examined its efficacy based on the results of support evaluation-item scale implementation in a model hospital.<br> Methods: The development of the support evaluation-item scale involved self-monitoring by staff (i.e. healthcare professionals), discrimination, and assessment feedback from researchers, in order to strengthen the evaluation-item scale implementation activities. A randomized control design was used to group participants at the model hospital into two groups (baseline group and intervention group). The test period was 4 weeks for each group (total of 8 weeks). The number of participants in the intervention group was 10, while that of the baseline group was 11. A questionnaire survey was conducted in each group during the corresponding test period, and data (outcome indexes) were collected.<br> Results: The evaluation-item scale implementation activity level was significantly increased in the intervention group. The satisfaction level gained from implementation of the support evaluation-item items was also increased in the intervention group.<br> Conclusion: This evaluation-item scale is effective in enhancing the activity level associated with the support evaluation-item that helps patients to quit smoking, and also in increasing the satisfaction levels of support items. It was suggested that integration of environmental assessment for the evaluation-item scale continuity would be necessary in future.


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