The Effect of Large Particle Addition on Heat Transfer from Side Wall in Turbulent Agitation Vessel

  • Marui Masatoshi
    Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yamagata University
  • Tokanai Hideki
    Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yamagata University

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  • 乱流撹拌における槽壁熱伝達におよぼす粗粒子混入の影響
  • ランリュウ カクハン ニ オケル ソウヘキ ネツ デンタツ ニ オヨボス ソリュウシ コンニュウ ノ エイキョウ

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<p>Heat transfer coefficients of a non-baffled agitation vessel wall were measured on addition of large particles under various conditions. In the low Reynolds number region, the heat transfer from the vessel wall was suppressed due to particle deposition. Conversely, in the high Reynolds number region, heat transfer was enhanced by the particle dispersion in the vessel. This heat transfer behavior was found to be affected by the particle diameter dp, volume fraction ϕv and density ρp. These parameters were qualitatively assessed from the results of the visualization experiments for the particle dispersion in the vessel.</p><p>In both low and high Reynolds number regions, correlation equations were proposed for the Nusselt numbers, each of which showed a slope similar to that of single-phase agitation. It was confirmed that these equations closely express the measured values.</p>



    KAGAKU KOGAKU RONBUNSHU 47 (4), 91-95, 2021-07-20

    The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan

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