Consensus building in the process of formulating a location optimization plan from the perspective of flood control

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  • 水害対策からみた立地適正化計画の策定過程における合意形成について
  • -From the results of a survey of local governments in the Kinki region-
  • - 近畿地方の自治体への調査結果から -


A location optimization planning system was formulated to record population decline in the 2015 census and to carry out sustainable urban management with limited financial resources. It is essential that residents and local governments discuss the content of this plan, reach consensus, and implement it. In addition, there is a movement to remove the inundation area from the residential guidance area as much as possible, but the current situation is that many local governments cannot exclude it. This study is aimed at local governments that establish location optimization plans in the Kinki region, and what kind of opinions were obtained from the citizens when formulating the plans and consensus building was made, and the main factors including the inundation area in the residential guidance area. The purpose is to clarify the measures to be included and to obtain knowledge that will help the local government to think about flood control measures together with the citizens.



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