Maternal behavior and related factors influencing the sleep habits of infants

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  • 幼児の睡眠習慣に影響する母親の養育行動および関連要因
  • ヨウジ ノ スイミン シュウカン ニ エイキョウ スル ハハオヤ ノ ヨウイク コウドウ オヨビ カンレン ヨウイン

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<p>Objective: To ascertain maternal behavior influencing the sleep habits of infants and factors related to parental behavior.</p><p>Methods: This study used a qualitative inductive design. From January–March 2020, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 16 mothers rearing infants in 3 regions of A Prefecture. Key topics of those interviews included accommodations for and perceptions of sleep by infants and things that presumably influenced sleep. A content analysis of interview transcripts was performed using the PRECEDE-PROCEED model, and similar responses were grouped into categories.</p><p>Results: Putting infants to bed involved “bedtime rituals,” “accommodations for daily rhythms,” and “modifications of the room environment.” Predisposing factors that influenced mothers putting their infants to bed included knowledge, i.e. “daytime stimulation,” “the room environment,” “nap and waking times,” and “the time of the father’s return home,” values, i.e. “effects on development, cognitive function, and mental state,” “daily drive,” and “mental and physical development.” and “lifestyle basics,” and parenting style, i.e. “authoritative” and “permissive.” Reinforcing factors were “support from friends and relatives,” “searching for information,” and “experiential understanding.” Enabling factors were “childcare support programs,” “experts such as public health nurses,” and “childcare facilities.” Of all those factors, a “permissive parenting style” hampered early sleep by infants.</p><p>Conclusion: In addition to providing knowledge, values, and resources regarding healthy sleep habits for infants, approaches that helped a mother to adopt an authoritative parenting style encouraged infants to go to sleep early and they helped to establish healthy sleep habits.</p>


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