The Arsi Dilemma

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  • アルシ・ディレンマ
  • アルシ・ディレンマ : エチオピア・アルシ社会におけるガダ再興運動が生み出す抗争と創造
  • アルシ ・ ディレンマ : エチオピア ・ アルシ シャカイ ニ オケル ガダ サイコウ ウンドウ ガ ウミダス コウソウ ト ソウゾウ
  • An Analysis of Political Struggles and the Invention of a Social System in the <i>Gadaa</i> Revival Movements among the Arsi-Oromo, Ethiopia
  • エチオピア・アルシ社会におけるガダ再興運動が生み出す抗争と創造

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<p>This paper examines how people reconstructed a socio-political system called the gadaa system, which has been declining for several generations, by focusing on cases of gadaa revival movements among the Arsi-Oromo. First, I describe the gadaa system of the Arsi based on observations of the gadaa practices, historical knowledge, and memories of gadaa collected from Arsi elders. Second, I show how the gadaa revival movements have been progressing in Baale and Western Arsi region. Third, I analyze a case of the gadaa revival movements in the Western Arsi region. This paper considers the dilemma faced by the Arsi people—oscillating between the clan and gadaa system—which is becoming stronger through the spread of the gadaa revival movements. As the “Arsi dilemma” amplifies in various places, the gadaa, which should have created regional communality and realised governance beyond clans, has been reconstructed as a clan-oriented social group, creating a fragmented social system.</p>


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