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Asymmetry of Ties in Performance within Organizations

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  • 組織内のパフォーマンスにおける紐帯の非対称性
  • ソシキ ナイ ノ パフォーマンス ニ オケル チュウタイ ノ ヒタイショウセイ

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<p>The study aims to investigate how networks within and outside of an organization affect individual performance and gain insight into performance management within organizations. An online survey was conducted with two project management teams from different companies to calculate network indicators through social and multilayer network analysis. Psychological safety and knowledge/information sharing are adapted to measure performance. The results indicate the higher performance of psychological safety can be achieved through having an asymmetry of ties: cohesive ties are better for relatively close relations such as teams and inter-team networks and bridging ties for inter-team networks. On the other hand, bridging ties more affect the performance of knowledge/information sharing.</p>



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