Study on the problems of formulating development bases inducement policies based on the evaluation of the actual results of development in Tokyo 23 wards

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  • 東京都区部における開発実態の評価を踏まえた開発拠点誘導政策の課題に関する研究


<p>In this study, we evaluate the system "The Direction of Utilizing Urban Development Systems for the New Urban Planning", which is the direction of development base inducement policy in Tokyo, based on the data for Tokyo wards, like "Land Use Status Survey". About the development bases asserted in the direction, we focus on the difference between “the institutional district of improvement”, which prescribes the upper limit of easing floor area ratio or promotional uses of a building in each base, and “the quantitative classification of the bases” based on the indications on the probability of development. In conclusion, as the improvement for the current policies, we suggest the need for classification of zones and setting rating coefficients in which characteristics of each built-up district are considered.</p>


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