Innervation of lateral line system in the medaka, Oryzias latipes

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The peripheral nerves which innervate the lateral line organs (neuromasts) were revealed by an immunohistochemical staining method using anti-neurofilament protein (70K+160K+210K) antibodies in the medaka (Oryzias latipes). Almost all neuromasts including groove organs in the head region were innervated by the hyomandibular, supraorbital and infraorbital nerve trunks, in which the anterior lateral line nerve (ALLN) was included. A few groove organs received the dorsal and lateral rami of the ALLN. The trunk and tail neuromasts were supplied by the lateral, dorsal and dorsolateral rami of the posterior lateral line nerve (PLLN). The occipital neuromasts were innervated by both the occipital ramus of the PLLN and the dorsal ramus of the ALLN.


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