Northwest Pacific Deep Water Ventilation Rate During the Past 35,000 years with the AMS <14>^C Foraminifera Ages

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  • AMS法による有孔虫<14>^C年代と海洋深層水循環

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P4 core, which is composed mainly of olive grayish mud with well-developed biogenic structures, was raised from the lower continental slope basin off Shikoku at lat. 32°09'N, log. 133°54'E from a depth of 2700m. Each of samples for ^<14>C dating analysis was taken from 19 horizons throughout the core. And we have done the measurement of ^<14>C age differences between benthic and planktonic foraminifera to determine deep ocean ventilation times, using accelerator mass spectrometry. The results suggest that there are clearly two main mode patterns of paleo-circulation here at about 13,000 y.B.P., which may be called glacial and post glacial type. The formar has a slow mode which are difference ages about 1,000 yr, the latter has complicated puls patterns from 2,000 yr to 1,000 years.


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