The Image of the Teaching-only Professor and the Research-only Professor among University Graduates : Analysis of an Internet Survey in Japan

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  • 教育と研究の分業と大学教員としての「ふさわしさ」 : 大卒者ウェブ調査の結果から
  • キョウイク ト ケンキュウ ノ ブンギョウ ト ダイガク キョウイン ト シテ ノ 「 フサワシサ 」 : ダイソツシャ ウェブ チョウサ ノ ケッカ カラ

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The division of education and research among university faculty is an issue arising upstream of the debate on higher education policy. Regarding the balance between education and research, and the division of labor, previous studies have been accumulating, which target university teachers, but its recognition by people outside the university has not been fully examined. Therefore, in this study, based on the results of an internet survey of university graduates, we analyzed whether or not the type of work that does not involve education or research was judged to be “suitable for university teachers.” Analysis revealed that work styles that balance education and research tend to be judged as “suitable for university teachers.” Conversely, the position of allowing a division of labor also occupies a certain percentage, and there was a tendency to allow a division of labor especially for those from private universities. However, even if they are in a position to recognize the division of labor, the evaluation of the traditional teacher image of “being involved in social contribution and management while balancing education and research” tends to exceed the evaluation of the image of research-only professors and teaching-only professors.


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