Implementation of Image Disclosure System Using IIIF in NINJAL

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  • 資料画像公開・利用の国際化と高度化の取り組み : 「日本語史研究資料[国立国語研究所蔵]」の事例
  • シリョウ ガゾウ コウカイ ・ リヨウ ノ コクサイカ ト コウドカ ノ トリクミ : 「 ニホンゴシ ケンキュウ シリョウ[コクリツ コクゴ ケンキュウ ショゾウ]」 ノ ジレイ

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国立国語研究所 研究系 言語変化研究領域

東京農工大学 博士前期課程



Language Change Division, Research Department, NINJAL

Graduate Student, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Tokyo Denki University

University of Toyama


Recently, progress in digital technology and the promotion of open science and open data in academic policies has led to a rapid digitalization of materials (mostly classical texts) from various institutions across the world and their publication on the Internet. Conventionally, digital data made public for the simple purpose of viewing have been presented in the JPEG or TIFF format or a specialized viewer. When displaying images with annotations or comparing several images, both the method of providing both images and the method of the specialized viewer are offered. This article reports on the case of "Collection of the NINJAL Research Library for Study of the Japanese Language History," an implementation of the image publication system based on IIIF specifications and the image references from corpus search results.



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