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合奏場面での非言語的コミュニケーションの対人的効果 : 身体動作チャネルの相互作用からの検討

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  • ガッソウ バメン デノ ヒゲンゴテキ コミュニケーション ノ タイジンテキ コウカ シンタイ ドウサ チャネル ノ ソウゴ サヨウ カラ ノ ケントウ

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Enhancing interpersonal relationships is considered to be an important function of musical communication, especially with regard to collective musical activity such as ensemble performances. Music may serve this function by affording participants the opportunity to interact nonverbally, as well as by its acoustical properties. The present study aimed to investigate whether nonverbal communication influenced the development of dyadic rapport, through a simple ensemble task. Specifically, body movement was addressed, since it is a typical nonverbal channel used in ensemble performance. Two participants executed a synchronization task under a situation in which all visual cues other than body movement were excluded. Ensemble coordination, body movement, and self-rating for interaction during the ensemble task were measured, and the relationships among them were analyzed by means of structural equation modeling (SEM). Most remarkable of all the results, communication through body movement showed a positive direct effect on the interaction ratings.


  • 対人社会心理学研究

    対人社会心理学研究 12 51-58, 2012



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