Medical Perspectives on Disorders and Family Formation : A Quantitative Text Analysis of Healthcare Papers

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  • 障害と家族形成に関する医学的観点の特徴 : 計量テキスト分析を用いた保健医療関連論文の解析
  • ショウガイ ト カゾク ケイセイ ニ カンスル イガクテキ カンテン ノ トクチョウ ケイリョウ テキスト ブンセキ ヲ モチイタ ホケン イリョウ カンレン ロンブン ノ カイセキ

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The prevailing medical perspective regarding disability has strongly impacted family formation among disabled people; however, this viewpoint tends to be treated as a stereotype and its dimensions have not been empirically revealed. In this study, we used quantitative text analysis to examine characteristics of the medical perspective of disability and family formation. A cluster analysis using "Background" of Japanese articles in healthcare fields with a combined focus on disability and reproduction identifi ed 11 subjects; encompassing the historical transition of welfare for the disabled, support effects, psychological impacts of pregnancy, overcoming diffi culties in family formation, perinatal medical issues, home care, medical support in daily life, childcare business, child abuse, effects of long-term health problems, and stress research. But then 9 subjects, namely, family formation of persons with spinal cord injuries, respect for autonomy of disabled people, development of childcare support systems, family formation and meaning of life, factors related to family formation for persons with disabilities, the process of accepting disabilities, empathy, problems with home care systems, and collaboration with educational institutions, were found at "Consideration" of articles. A medical perspective is ideal for healthy family formation that overcomes disabilities in that it aims to walk together with the disabled; however, it is hindered by inadequate systemic supports.


  • 年報人間科学

    年報人間科学 41 19-35, 2020-03-31

    Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University

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