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A Study on the Support for the Students with Developmental Disorders offered by Campus\nCounseling Room: From the Survey of Konan University Student Counseling Room on the academic year of 2013 and 2014.

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  • 学生相談機関における発達障害学生への支援に関する研究 ―甲南大学学生相談室2013年度・2014年度の実態調査より―


This study analyzed the quantitative data and some cases based on the results of the survey conducted at Konan University. This study was originally a part of an extensive survey funded by the scientific research fund and its aim was to investigate the actual state of the support for the students with developmental disorders that are offered by campus counseling services in four different universities. The results were as follows: in academic year of 2013 and 2014, 50 students with developmental disorders received specific supports from Konan University Student Counseling Room. The results of following items showed almost the same tendency in four universities; timing of starting the support, temporary or permanent leave from university, diagnosis and the time of diagnosis, subject of counseling or consultation, content of support, process of support . The support of Konan University were characteristic in following points; 1.A number of cooperative supports were offered. 2. According to the student's individual characteristics individual and group supports that aim to foster self-understanding were offered sensitively. However, the tendency of not encouraging the students to be diagnosed in early stage might be a certain risk of delay in offering supports to them. It can be said that this is an important issue to consider the future direction of support for students with developmental disorders.



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