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Health Care Professionals' Perception of Support and Multi-professional Collaboration in Pregnant Women of Very Advanced Maternal Age : Content Analysis from Open-ended Questioning

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  • 超高齢妊産婦への支援と多職種連携に関する保健医療専門職の認識:自由記述の内容分析
  • チョウコウレイ ニンサンプ エ ノ シエン ト タショクシュ レンケイ ニ カンスル ホケン イリョウ センモンショク ノ ニンシキ : ジユウ キジュツ ノ ナイヨウ ブンセキ

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This study aimed to explore health-care professionals’ perceptions of support and multi- professional collaboration in pregnant women of very advanced maternal age (VAMA).Self- administered questionnaires were distributed to 727 perinatal medical centers or comprehensive support centers in Japan for childrearing. A total of 87 professionals who had experience with VAMA pregnant women responded to open-ended questions. Content analysis was conducted and 12 categories were extracted to show health-care professionals’ perceptions of support and multi- professional collaboration in these women. Many professionals perceived no reason for special consideration for VAMA pregnant women. Rather, they considered it important to assess and manage women individually, irrespective of their age. Despite this, the following four characteristics were perceived for VAMA pregnant women: 1)being physically high-risk, 2)being psychosocially high-risk, 3)lack of social support, and 4)having strength as VAMA women. Two strategies were also observed in supporting VAMA pregnant women: 1)early, continuous, and long-term intervention with multi-professional collaboration, and 2)establishing a primary system for care provision, giving consistent support, and respecting woman’s personal thoughts. Some professionals perceived issues in society that enabled VAMA women to become pregnant. Further discussion is needed on multi-professional collaboration for supporting VAMA pregnant women.


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