Which was first, Isaiah 36-39 or 2 Kings 18:13-20:19?

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  • イザヤ書36‐39章と列王記下18:13‐20:19、どちらが先か?
  • イザヤショ 36-39ショウ ト レツオウキ ゲ 18:13‐20:19 ドチラ ガ サキ カ ?
  • イザヤ書36-39章と列王記下18:13-20:19、どちらが先か?
  • イザヤショ 36 39ショウ ト レツオウキ カ 18 13 20 19 ドチラ ガ サキ カ

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Isaiah 36-39, the so-called “Hezekiah-Isaiah narratives," are almost identical with 2 Kings 18:13-20:19. With regard to the relationship between them, we can assume at least the following three possible explanations: (1)the compiler of Isaiah copied them from Kings; (2)the compiler of Kings copied them from Isaiah; and (3)both copied them from a common source. It has been widely accepted that Isaiah 36-39 were borrowd from 2 Kings 18:13-20:19, but some scholars have abandoned this conclusion and suggested that Kings borrowed from Isaiah. This paper briefly reexamines the scholarly debate on the relationship between Isaiah 36-39 and 2 Kings 18:13-20:19. Finally, by paying attention to the Deuteronomistic redactional expressions in the “Hezekiah-Isaiah narratives," it is concluded that Isaiah is dependent upon Kings.


  • 基督教研究

    基督教研究 64 (1), 1-13, 2002-07-29



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