YONEDA Shotaro toward the Foundation of OHARA Institute for Social Research

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  • 大原社会問題研究所の設立と米田庄太郎
  • オオハラ シャカイ モンダイ ケンキュウショ ノ セツリツ ト ヨネダ ショウタロウ
  • オオハラ シャカイ モンダイ ケンキュウジョ ノ セツリツ ト ヨネダ ショウタロウ

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By the second decade of 20th century Japan had become one of big powers internationally and embraced the social problems to be worked out in the country. The central government established the administrative section and inner advisory committees to handlel them. On the sense of noblesse oblige Oohara Magosaburo, the president of Kurashiki Spinning Company, surported and sponsered the founding of the institute for social research which was intended to investigate socail situations and suggest the way to solve the problems. Yoneda Shotaro, sociologist of Kyoto University, Kawakami Hajime, economist of Kyoto University, and Takano Iwasaburo, economist of Tokyo University were invited to the institute as the leaders.


  • 同志社法學

    同志社法學 59 (2), 445-479, 2007-07-31

    The Doshisha Law Association

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