The Relationship between Playing Online Games and Helping Behaviors among University Students: Focusing on the Types of Games, Game Usage Time, and Social Skills

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  • 大学生のオンラインゲームの利用と援助行動との関連――ゲームの種類,利用時間,そして社会的スキルの観点を含めて
  • ダイガクセイ ノ オンラインゲーム ノ リヨウ ト エンジョ コウドウ ト ノ カンレン : ゲーム ノ シュルイ,リヨウ ジカン,ソシテ シャカイテキ スキル ノ カンテン オ フクメテ

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<p>This study aimed to examine the relationship between the use of online games and the helping behavior of university students. First, we divided online games into two types, cooperative and competitive. We then examined the relationship between whether online games were used and helping behavior and the relationship between the time spent playing online games and helping behavior. The survey was conducted among 134 students at a private university in the Kansai region. The results of multiple regression analysis showed no significant relationship between game use and helping behavior scores regardless of the type of online game. Analyses focusing on the game usage time showed that the longer the usage time of competitive games, the significantly lower the helping behavior scores were. Still, no such relationship was found for cooperative games. The game usage time significantly correlated with helping behavior, and the relationship between the game usage time and helping behavior differed depending on the type of game used.</p>



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