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講座 医療英語(3)"compromise"の医療英語的意味分析

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  • 医療英語(3) : "compromise"の医療英語的意味分析(人文社会科学系)
  • コウザ イリョウ エイゴ 3 compromise ノ イリョウ エイゴテキ イミ ブンセキ

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An original meaning of the verb "compromise" was to be to adjust or settle an argument or difference between parties. The Japanese translation dakyou suru 「妥協する」is generally applied. However, because "compromise" tends to be used as a derivative of the original meaning in the medical field it is often said among health and medical professionals and medical translators that the Japanese translation of "compromise" is not adequate. In this study, examples of "compromise" used in medical papers and bopks were collected, analyzed and translated. As a result, it was found that the meaning of "compromise" came to imply the sense "to cause the decline in the physical function or condition." Therefore, the proper Japanese translation for the English word "compromise" would be teika saseru 「低下させる」 (or yokusei suru 「抑制する」), and it is suggested that these terms be used.

identifier:大阪府立看護大学医療技術短期大学部紀要. 2002, 7(2), p.73-76


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