Elucidation of neuropathogenesis of West Nile Encephalitis

  • KOBAYASHI Shintaro
    Laboratory of Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University

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  • ウエストナイルウイルスの脳炎病態の形成機構の解明
  • ウエストナイルウイルス ノ ノウエン ビョウタイ ノ ケイセイ キコウ ノ カイメイ

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West Nile virus, which causes serious encephalitis in humans and horses, infects neuronal cells and induces cell death. As the neuronal cell death leads to the induction of various inflammatory responses, elucidation of the molecular mechanism of cell death is important for development of a treatment for West Nile encephalitis. In this paper, we investigated the pathology of the neuronal cells infected with West Nile virus and summarized the mechanism of neuronal cell death and their effect on the neuropathogenesis.


  • Uirusu

    Uirusu 71 (1), 79-86, 2021

    The Japanese Society for Virology


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