Exercise guidance to improve the physical ability of patients with chronic schizophrenia

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  • 慢性統合失調症患者に対する身体能力改善の為の運動指導の取り組み
  • マンセイ トウゴウ シッチョウショウ カンジャ ニ タイスル シンタイ ノウリョク カイゼン ノ タメ ノ ウンドウ シドウ ノ トリクミ

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<p>Compared to the general population, it has been reported that patients with schizophrenia have a lower level of physical activity and insufficient exercise. The proportion of patients who undertake no regular exercise is very large. In this study, we study the effects of long-term hospitalization on the physical fitness of patients, and investigate the physical activity level of patients with long-term chronic schizophrenia. A comparison is made between long-term chronic schizophrenic patients and elderly residents in the community with similar levels of physical activity and physical fitness . In addition, to structure a safe and effective exercise instruction program for patients who have difficulty with self-managing their physical health, a simple exercise program that could be used in hospital wards was given to patients. This study also examines and verifies the effects of this exercise program by performing a physical fitness test. However, this study has some limitations. Our results may be influenced by selection bias and small sample size. A larger number of subjects with detailed clinical data are needed to elucidate physical effects for patients.</p>


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