A Study of the Factors Causing Embarrassment and their Impact on Robot Use in Public Spaces

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  • 公共空間のロボット利用時における恥ずかしさの発生要因とロボット利用への影響の調査

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In recent years, communication robots have been actively used as a way of supporting the human labor force. On the other hand, it is known that embarrassment occurs when interacting with a robot in a public space, which may hinder the use of the robot. Therefore, in order to promote the use of robots in public spaces, the aim of this study is to clarify the factors that cause embarrassment when using robots and the effects of embarrassment on robot use in public spaces. For the purpose of this study, we conducted an experiment with decoys that use robots. The experimental results show that the embarrassment during using the robot is caused by the attention and understanding of people in the surrounding environment. The results also show that the interaction duration with the robot is extended by reducing the embarrassment during robot use.



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