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  • セイジン ノ イカリ ノ ケイケン ニ オケル ダンジョサ
  • Sex Differences in Anger Experience of Adults

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One hundred twenty three adults and 130 university students from Osaka were asked to respond to Averill's questionnaire on“The Everyday Experience of Anger."They were asked to rate their recent outbursts of anger in terms of the instigations,motives,responses,etc.The data were analyzed in order to examine sex differences in anger experiences.When angry,the females were found to display more indirect aggressive responses,more nonaggressive responses,more gastrointestinal symptoms but less cardiovascular symptoms than the males.The females were likely to feel anger against their family members while the males felt it against their friends.Further the females tended to have more negative feelings than the males after the anger outburst subsided.It was found,however,that there were also many similarities between the males and females in their anger experiences,especially concerning the frequency and intensity of anger,the instigative aspects,motives,and the direct aggressive responses.



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