The <i>Nidānasaṃyukta</i> as Reciting Sūtras

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  • 読誦経典としての<i>Nidānasaṃyukta</i>


<p>The Nidānasaṃyukta (NidSa) is one of the Mahāsūtras recited by lay people and novices. By pointing out some features of the sūtras contained in the NidSa, this paper intends to establish its philological positioning. NidSa sūtra 22 contains the passage, “The Buddha makes the Venerable Ānanda repeat this very sūtra (or the content of the sūtra, such as the ye dharmā formula),” which suggests that it was important for many people to recite and repeat this sūtra or the content of this sūtra. NidSa sūtras 6, 15, 19, 20, and 23 are categorized as Mahāsūtras, Dharmaparyāyas, and Vaipulyas in terms of their formats and contents. Sūtras 10 and 22 are likewise regarded as Mahāsūtras and Vaipulyas; however, in order to consider these sūtras as Dharmaparyāyas, it is necessary to postulate that repetition of the same expression is a characteristic of paryāyas.</p>



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