Issues with Structuring and Classifying Performance Data: Focus on Opera Productions from the 18th to the 20th Century

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  • 上演演目データの整理・分類における諸課題:18〜20世紀のオペラ公演を例に
  • ジョウエンエンモク データ ノ セイリ ・ ブンルイ ニ オケル ショ カダイ : 18~20セイキ ノ オペラ コウエン オ レイ ニ

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<p>This paper aims to highlight issues with database construction for opera productions’ performance data. The research project has used literature research and fieldwork to collect performance data from several theater performances to analyze changes in and expansion of music theater performances from the 18th to the 20th century in Europe. Various resources were used, such as posters and playbills from different regions and periods. Since these items reflect the values in each period, elements such as data items, type, and layout, show what was significant for the viewers. These differing elements occasionally compete against the purpose of constructing a unified database. The findings drawn from resource comparison have provided new possibilities for database construction.</p>


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