Refining a Provisional Analytic Rubric for L2 Summary Writing Using Expert Judgment

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Although it is widely acknowledged that research on L2 summary writing is needed, there has not been enough investigation into its evaluation. Consequently, the number of rating scales (i.e., rubrics) developed for L2 summary tasks is limited, and it is unclear whether existing rubrics are useful in the classroom context. Therefore, as a research project, we developed an original analytic rubric for L2 summary writing, suitable for classroom environments in which Japanese university students are learning English as a foreign language (EFL). The purpose of this study is to develop and refine a provisional analytic rubric using expert judgment. We asked three researchers who are experts in the field of language testing to examine a provisional, four-dimensional analytic rubric used to assess student summaries, and to provide feedback on the usage of the rubric via an open-ended questionnaire. We conducted qualitative content analysis of the comments obtained from these experts. The results indicated both positive and problematic aspects of the provisional analytic rubric. Based on the experts’ comments and suggestions, we revised various aspects of the rubric. We expect that the revised version will serve as a valuable support tool in teaching L2 summary writing.


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