Random Loading Fatigue Life of Injection Molded Short Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite and Its Prediction

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  • 射出成形カーボン短繊維複合材料のランダム変動疲労とその予測


Random loading fatigue life of an injection molded short carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite, CF/PA6, has been examined for each of different orientations oblique from the direction of molten flow direction. Two kinds of spectrum loading tests are performed. In the horizontal random loading tests, either the maximum stress or the minimum stress is fixed at a constant level and the stress ratio of peak-valley segment is randomly changed. In another tests, a specified number of waveforms that have the same stress ratio but different stress levels are sequentially applied. The spectrum loading fatigue lives measured are compared with the predictions using the Miner’s rule, the rainflow counting method and the anisomorphic CFL diagram. It is found that the random loading fatigue lives can be predicted using these methods with the accuracy of a factor of two, regardless of the patterns of random loadings assumed in this study.


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