Fatigue Life Prediction of a Plain Weave Quasi-Isotropic CFRP Laminate Subjected to Standardized Spectrum Loading

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  • 標準ランダム荷重を受ける平織擬似等方CFRP積層板の疲労寿命予測


The fatigue behavior of a plain weave quasi-isotropic CFRP laminate has been examined in a few standardized transport wing spectrum tests. On the basis of the spectrum loading test results, applicability of the engineering fatigue life prediction methodology consisting of the rainflow method, the Miner rule and the anisomorphic CFL diagram approach has been evaluated. The standardized mini-TWIST is used in the spectrum loading tests. A new spectrum waveform that is similar to TWIST is proposed, and tested. It is shown that the three-element fatigue life prediction method succeeds in accurately predicting the fatigue lives for the mini-TWIST spectrum loadings, regardless of the range of resulting fatigue life. Good predictions are obtained for the newly developed constant mean stress random loadings when they are tension-dominated. In case of compression dominated loading, however, slightly un-conservative results are predicted, suggesting the need for further improvement of the three-element methodology.


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