Time-resolved Transmission Electron Microscope Using Pulsed Electron Waves

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  • パルス電子波を用いた時間分解透過電子顕微鏡
  • パルス デンシハ オ モチイタ ジカン ブンカイ トウカ デンシ ケンビキョウ

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<p>Pulsed electron wave-packet had been applied to a transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to improve the time-resolution. The pulsed electrons are created by photoemission process using a combination of a photocathode material and pulsed laser. We review time-scales of phenomena, performance of photocathodes and recent researches of time-resolved TEM. Especially the energy and momentum spreads of photocathode is discussed by our experimental result of time-resolved TEM using an NEA semiconductor photocathode. To introduce a novel electron microscopy using a quantum effect, we explain quantum physics in TEM involving special relativity, Dirac equation and a notation of two component spinor. Finally, we discuss key technologies and significant parameters for high temporal and high spatial resolutions.</p>



    KENBIKYO 55 (3), 131-138, 2020-12-30

    The Japanese Society of Microscopy

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