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Geometric Quantum Gates over Spin Qubits in Diamond


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  • ダイヤモンド中のスピン量子ビットに対する幾何学的量子ゲート
  • ダイヤモンド チュウ ノ スピン リョウシ ビット ニ タイスル キカガクテキ リョウシ ゲート

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<p>The geometric phase, generally discarded as a global phase, allows universal holonomic gating of an ideal logical qubit, which we call a geometric spin qubit, defined in the degenerate subspace of the triplet spin qutrit. We here experimentally demonstrate non-adiabatic and non-abelian holonomic quantum gates over the geometric spin qubit on an electron or nitrogen nucleus. We manipulate purely the geometric phase with a polarized microwave in a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond under a zero-magnetic field at room temperature. We also demonstrate a two-qubit holonomic gate to show universality by manipulating the electron-nucleus entanglement.</p>


  • Butsuri

    Butsuri 75 (11), 683-689, 2020-11-05

    The Physical Society of Japan

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