Self-Assembled Conjugated Polymer Microsphere Resonators and Lasers

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  • 共役ポリマーからなる自己組織化マイクロ球体共振器とレーザー発振
  • キョウヤク ポリマー カラ ナル ジコ ソシキカ マイクロ キュウタイ キョウシンキ ト レーザー ハッシン

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We present self-assembled conjugated polymer microspheres that act as whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonators. For the preparation of conjugated polymer microspheres, vapor diffusion and miniemulsion methods are adopted. For the vapor diffusion method to obtain microspheres, amorphous aggregation of the polymers are crucial by introducing sterically bulky moieties that largely twists the polymer main chain. Focused laser irradiation to the perimeter of the microspheres excites WGM, where sharp and periodic lines appear in the PL spectrum. With a benefit of the high light confinement properties, we demonstrate long distance, directional, and efficient light energy transfer and wavelength conversion through bispheres. Furthermore, WGM lasing is achieved from conjugated polymer microspheres upon femtosecond pumping. Conjugated polymer microsphere resonators have advantages of high photoabsorptivity, high refractive index, and inherent conducting properties, as well as the simple fabrication process, which are valuable for applications to optical circuits, electrically-driven lightings, and chemical and biological sensors



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