Association between workplace childcare supports and fathers' parenthood after the discharge of their child from NICU

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  • NICU入院児の父親の職場における育児支援と退院後の親性の関連
  • NICU ニュウインジ ノ チチオヤ ノ ショクバ ニ オケル イクジ シエン ト タイイン ゴ ノ シンセイ ノ カンレン

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<p> The purpose of this study was to reveal the association between workplace child care supports directed at the fathers of infants hospitalized within NICU settings and fathers' parenthood after their child's discharge from the NICU. The participants were 115 fathers of children discharged from NICUs within the preceding year. We conducted an anonymous self-administered questionnaire survey using the Scale of Early Child-rearing Parenthood (SECP: 3 sub-areas, 33 items). A total of 48 (41.7%) responded. We compared the SECP score between fathers with and those without workplace childcare supports and found a significant between-group difference. During the multiple regression analysis, several factors appeared to influence SECP scores: “workplace childcare supports,” “frequency of visiting the NICU” and “personal views on male participation in child rearing.” Medical healthcare workers should provide support for fathers as well as mothers as they assume parental roles. In addition, it is necessary to understand gender-based differences that emerge during the early child-rearing period, to advocate for both maternal and paternal rights related to childcare support, and to support the creation of workplace environments where childcare supports are easily used.</p>


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