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Evaluation of out-of-plane stiffness by finite element method for string planes of badminton racquets

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  • バドミントンラケットのストリング面を対象としたFEM解析による面外方向の剛性評価


In this study, the stiffness in the out-of-plane direction of the string surface of the badminton racquet was evaluated by finite element analysis. Three types of badminton rackets with different frame shapes and different string intervals were modeled. The models were analyzed to analyze the out-of-plane displacement of the string plane by finite element analysis programs. The stiffness derived from the analysis results were compared with racquets, and the relationships between the out-of-plane stiffness of the string surface, the shape of the racquet frame and the string interval were investigated. As the results of investigation, the stiffness increased as the string spacing became wider. In addition, the distribution of stiffness of the string plane changed depending on the shape of the racquet frame.



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