Development and Evaluation of a Training Tool for Programming Thinking for Elementary School Students Based on Daily Activities

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  • 日常の活動を題材とした小学生向けプログラミング的思考の育成ツール
  • ニチジョウ ノ カツドウ オ ダイザイ ト シタ ショウガクセイ ムケ プログラミングテキ シコウ ノ イクセイ ツール

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<p> It is difficult for elementary school students to learn programming thinking in conventional learning by memory. In this study, we developed a tool to learn programming thinking by trial and error using daily activities as a subject, and verified the effect of the tool. With this tool, “sequential processing, ” “iterative processing, ” “conditional branching processing, ” and combinations of them can be learned. In order to verify the effectiveness of this tool, we conducted a workshop-type evaluation experiment for elementary school students. As a result of the experiment, after the workshop, the average score of the test for measuring programming thinking was significantly improved. In particular, the average score of the task of “conditional branching” was high, indicating that this tool could be used to effectively learn the “conditional branching” of programming thinking.</p>


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