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Proposal on a Method to Introduce the Use of Verb-<i>te iku</i> to Japanese Learners in Science and Engineering


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  • 理工系学習者への~テイクの用法提示について
  • 理工系学習者への~テイクの用法提示について : 『理工学系話し言葉コーパス』と日本語教材の調査から
  • リコウケイ ガクシュウシャ エ ノ~テイク ノ ヨウホウ テイジ ニ ツイテ : 『 リコウガクケイ ハナシコトバ コーパス 』 ト ニホンゴ キョウザイ ノ チョウサ カラ
  • Based on a Comparative Survey of the Science and Engineering Spoken Japanese Corpus and Japanese Language Textbooks
  • ―『理工学系話し言葉コーパス』と日本語教材の調査から―

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<p>In this paper, we first introduce a new framework for classification of the use of Verb-te iku based on the Basic Verb Handbook (http://verbhandbook.ninjal.ac.jp), and then we introduce a comparative survey between the Science and Engineering Spoken Japanese Corpus and Japanese language textbooks using the above framework. Based on the results of the survey, we propose that the introduction of Verb-te iku be made in the classroom to learners in science and engineering, depending on their level and field of study, according to the following classification: 1) Iterative (series of independent events) use; 2) Metalanguage use in presentations; 3) Expressions combining Verb-te iku and other elementary sentence patterns; 4) The expressions that should be introduced as a single word.</p>



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