Development of Tele-Operated Underfloor Mobile Manipulator using Image Pointing

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  • 画像ポインティングを用いた遠隔操作可能な床下作業移動マニピュレータの開発


<p>In this study, we propose a tele-operated mobile manipulator which carries out underfloor works which include not only inspection but also repairment. As one of such works, we focus on the caulking operation and we develop a mobile manipulator which finds and repairs the cracks of the foundation. When we design the mobile manipulator, we consider typical narrow underfloor environment and went through detailed calculation. As user interface, we furnish an image pointing system which enables us to operate the manipulator simply by clicking on a hand camera image. Then we evaluate its performance by running tests and trajectory tracking tests. Overall, the robot runs well. As to the manipulator, it can track the vertical line correctly, but it cannot yet track other lines precisely enough. There are some more points to be improved.</p>



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