Fundamental Investigation of the Disturbance of Feeding Cable for a Tethered Collision-Tolerant Multi-Copter

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  • 外骨格を有する有線給電マルチコプタの給電ケーブルによる外乱に関する基礎的検討


<p>In recent years, research for automating the inspection of concrete structures using multi-copters has been actively conducted. In particular, the development of tethered multi-copters has attracted widespread attention. However, since the feeding cable is connected to the power supply, the tension of the cable affects the multi-copter as a disturbance. Therefore, it became difficult to approach the inspection location for tethered multi-copters. In this paper, we apply the catenary theory, which has been widely used for adjusting the tension or length of a multi-copter feeding cable in a two-dimensional space, to a tethered collision-tolerant multi-copter in a three-dimensional space. In addition, we report a method of minimizing the disturbance of the feeding cable by adjusting the length of the feeding cable as needed in a three-dimensional space.</p>


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