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Study of Plasma Facing Materials in JT-60(<Special Topic Article> Present Status of Plasma Facing Component Development and Plasma-Wall Interaction Study for Enhanced Plasma Confinement)

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  • JT-60のプラズマ対向材料研究
  • JT-60 ノ プラズマ タイコウ ザイリョウ ケンキュウ
  • 3. JT-60のプラズマ対向材料研究(<小特集> プラズマ閉じ込め性能向上のためのプラズマ対向機器(PFC)開発およびプラズマ表面相互作用(PSI)研究の現状)
  • JT-60のプラズマ対向材料研究
  • プラズマ閉じ込め性能向上のためのプラズマ対向機器(PFC)開発およびプラズマ表面相互作用(PSI)研究の現状<特集>
  • プラズマ トジコメ セイノウ コウジョウ ノ タメ ノ プラズマ タイコウ キ

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Studies of plasma facing materials of divertor and first wall armor tiles in JT-60 are reviewed. Materials used are TiC-coated Mo, graphite, carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite (CFC) and B_4C-overlaid CFC/graphite so far. In this paper, R&D of candidate materials for JT-60 divertor and first wall armor application, material behaviors during JT-60 operation and in-situ boron-coating using decaborane (boronization) are presented.


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