Modification of Electron Density Profile during Lower Hybrid Current Drive in JT-60U

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  • Modification of Electron Density Profil

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Particle transport is one of the most important issues in the nuclear fusion research. A significant change in an electron density profile, suggesting a change in particle transport, has been observed in many auxiliary heating experiments. In the JT-60U tokamak modifications of an electron density profile during lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) were observed. In order to clarify experimental conditions on which this phenomenon mainly depends, a series of systematic investigations was carried out. As the results, the change in the density profile was found to depend on the input wave power, the wave spectrum, and the plasma current or the toroidal magnetic field. The decrease in the density in the central region was found to be larger when hard X-ray emission became centrally peaked both in normal- and anti-directional current drive experiments. Therefore this phenomenon appears to be related to the existence of high energy electrons produced by the waves rather than to the change in the LH driven current. Details of the experiments are presented in this paper.



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