7. Safety (<Feature Article>Public Acceptance of Fusion Energy and Scientific Feasibility of a Fusion Reactor II)

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  • 安全性
  • アンゼンセイ
  • 7. 安全性 (<特集>核融合エネルギーの社会的受容性と科学的見通し II)
  • 安全性
  • 核融合エネルギーの社会的受容性と科学的見通し-2-
  • カクユウゴウ エネルギー ノ シャカイテキ ジュヨウセイ ト カガクテキ ミト

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A number of safety features of fusion reactors as compared with fission reactors have been clarified. Utilizing these safety features, the measures to achieve a significantly safe fusion reactor emphasizing the radioactive material confinement, are described. The results of the safety analysis of ITER, which is the most well defined fusion reactor, show that the safety of ITER is clearly secured. Based on the results, the way to further improve the safety in fusion power reactors is shown.


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