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Remote Maintenance Development for ITER(<Special Topic Articles>Remote Maintenance Development for Fusion Reactors)

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  • 国際熱核融合実験炉(ITER)の遠隔保守
  • コクサイ ネツカク ユウゴウ ジッケンロ ITER ノ エンカク ホシュ
  • 1.国際熱核融合実験炉(ITER)の遠隔保守(<小特集>核融合炉用遠隔保守技術の開発)
  • 1. 国際熱核融合実験炉(ITER)の遠隔保守
  • Remote Maintenance Development for ITER
  • 国際熱核融合実験炉(ITER)の遠隔保守
  • 核融合炉用遠隔保守技術の開発
  • カク ユウゴウロヨウ エンカク ホシュ ギジュツ ノ カイハツ

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This paper both describes the overall design concept of the ITER remote maintenance system, which has been developed mainly for use with in-vessel components such as divertor and blanket, and outlines of the ITER R&D program, which has been established to develop remote handling equipment/tools and radiation hard components. In ITER, the reactor structures inside cryostat have to be maintained remotely because of activation due to DT operation. Therefore, remote-handling technology is fundamental, and the reactor-structure design must be made consistent with remote maintainability. The overall maintenance scenario and design concepts of the required remote handling equipment/tools have been developed according to their maintenance classification. Technologies are also being developed to verify the feasibility of the maintenance design and include fabrication and testing of a full-scale remote-handling equipment/tools for in-vessel maintenance.


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