Ripple Reduction Test by Ferritic Steel Board Insertion in the JFT-2M Tokamak

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  • JFT-2Mにおけるフェライト鋼装着によるリップル低減試験
  • JFT 2M ニ オケル フェライト コウ ソウチャク ニ ヨル リップル テイゲン シケン
  • JFT-2Mにおけるフェライト鋼装着によるリップル低減試験

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Ripple reduction test by ferritic steel board(FB)insertion between toroidal field coils and vacuum vessel has been carried out in the JFT-2M tokamak. The magnetic analysis and probe measurement indicated that the ripple magnitude was reduced from 2.2% to 1.1% by the FB insertion. Increment of the first wall temperature caused by ripple trapped or banana drift fast ions was measured by the infrared TV camera during neutral beam injection. After the FB insertion, the maximum temperature increment was decreased from 75°C to 50°C in ripple trapped loss region and from 150°C to 100°C in banana drift loss region, respectively. The temperature decrement in ripple trapped loss region indicated that the heat load was reduced about half. It was confirmed that ripple trapped losses decreased with decrease of the safety factor or the ripple magnitude according to the ripple well parameter. In addition, FB insertion did not only give any adverse effect on the plasma discharge and confinement but also increased the edge toroidal rotation speed about twice faster than that before FB insertion during ELM free H-mode.


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